Thursday, March 4, 2010

The start of a good thing...

We drove up to the lake on Sunday afternoon to check on the progress of the new deck.  This will be my view for many afternoons this summer.  I've already got a list of books on request at the library and since I'm number 86 on one of them, I imagine that my name will come up sometime around July.  Anyway, my point is that I plan to kick back on the new deck and enjoy this view.

It was pretty windy on the lake side of the house, but the kids managed to warm up in the back by playing basketball.  McIver had been to a basketball birthday party on Saturday morning so now believes himself to be an expert on all things basketball.

Olivia has become quite silly in the last few weeks.  She's constantly making silly voices and dancing around being goofy.  Here she goes again...

It was too cold to let Tex get in the water, but I imagine he'll be spending a lot of time this summer going from the lake to his bed to rest.  Sweet thing just doesn't even know how much fun he's going to have in that lake!

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