Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A teeny-tiny bit more snow

I went to my first Elsie Lamar Chapter meeting of the Trinity Cathedral Daughters of the Holy Cross.  (That's a lot of words to basically say it's a group of women from the church who have young children.)  Anyway, I decided at the last minute to be brave and go by myself.  Had a nice time - saw some familiar faces and met some new people as well.  

As the meeting broke and people started to leave, they came rushing back in to tell us that it was snowing.  There were big, fluffy wet flakes that would make your eyelashes stick together when they landed on them.  I snapped a picture of our house and caught a few flakes on film (do we still call it 'film' if it's digital? - whatever!).

There was a small bit of accumulation on Will's windshield so I tried to write the date in the snow and take a picture.  It only kind of worked.

And now, please bring on spring and warmer weather!

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