Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Tuesday

Tuesday started out just like Elizabeth and I wanted - relaxed.  The children all slept upstairs and woke up happy and well-rested.  They even played with all of GranGran's toys upstairs before coming down for breakfast.  Elizabeth and I sat at the table in our pajamas while the children held 'practice' Easter Egg hunts in the backyard.

The dads took the children to play putt-putt while Elizabeth and I enjoyed some quiet R&R at the house.

Everyone got a hole-in-one so it's safe to say that more putt putt will be in our future.

Olivia gives it a try.

McIver takes his turn.

Once the guys got back, we fed the kids lunch and then packed up for the beach.  The weather was perfect - sunny skies, slight breeze and low tide.

The kids loved the swash - they caught tons of minnows and collected shells.

The cold water did not stop McIver from boogie boarding to the ocean.

Olivia couldn't stand watching McIver have all the fun on the boogie board - but she was more willing to admit to being cold.

Morgan and McIver had the best time all day long.   They are two peas in a pod.

Amelia's birthday was back in February, but Olivia didn't want to mail her gift to her.  She was finally able to open it with us this evening... a Disney princess CD player that plays 18 different princess songs. (We apologized to Kelli and Robert before giving Amelia the gift!)

Once we got the batteries installed, Amelia cut a rug - she's got a lot of great moves!

Mary Frances let me paint her toenails after dinner.  

Tex is keeping GranDaddy's chair warm until he gets home.

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