Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Wednesday

The guys didn't have plans to play golf on Wednesday so I took advantage of the opportunity to go shopping.  Had a great time and found some great deals - but then had to return several of my finds for Olivia.  At least she'll tell me if she doesn't like something so I can return them.  After my shopping trip, I met everyone else on the beach.

The breeze on Wednesday was pretty cool.  I never mustered up the courage to take off my cover-up and ended up under a pile of beach towels for most of the afternoon.  The children were all immune to the cold; Tex didn't mind it either.

Each child had his or her own hole.  They had fun digging until they hit water and then jumping from one to the next.  We laughed when they started getting territorial about their holes:  Get outta my hole!  Hey, this is my hole!  Somebody's in my hole!

Tex was so happy not to be cooped up inside his crate at the house.  He was afraid of the waves this trip, but I bet it won't take long for him to start loving the ocean.

Like I said, the kids loved digging in their holes.

Olivia and Morgan cut a tunnel to connect their holes.  We were glad that there weren't any tears when the bridge collapsed.  It just made the hole even bigger.

After a full afternoon on the beach, we headed back for showers and snacks.  The plan was to head to Broadway at the Beach for dinner and a few rides.  Since the wait for the main dining room at Margaritaville was 2 1/2 - 3 hours, we decided to try our luck on the patio.  After just 20 minutes or so, we had a table.  You can see the guy on stilts behind McIver.  He was a hit with the kids because he could fulfill any balloon request.

Morgan loved his alien balloon creation.  (Will was busy trying to get McIver to focus on the menu.)

Mary Frances asked for a puppy dog on a leash and Olivia followed her lead.  They were very proud of their puppies.

I think McIver's balloon is a monkey, but it also could be a lion.  He was at the opposite end of the table so I'm not sure what he requested.  Either way, he was happy with it.

Since I'm not a fan of rides that go in circles, Will got to ride the swings with the kids.  McIver wasn't sure if he would like it or not, but ended up having a blast.

Then, my camera battery died.  I missed getting some pictures of the children at ItSugar.  We had been there this summer so my kids weren't in total shock.  But they did love seeing all the Pez dispensers, Jelly Bellys, rice krispy treats and every other candy that you could possibly imagine.

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Jenny said...

Oh, you're making me miss those Carolina beaches! You're also my blog hero! So many pictures... I can just picture reading them when we're old and talking about what used to be!