Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lake Weekend with the Harrisons

Will played in a golf tournament on Saturday and Sunday with a guy from Columbia.  Rather than letting them have all the fun, we decided to invite his whole family to join us at the lake for the weekend.  They have a daughter in 2nd grade and a son in kindergarten so everyone had a friend to play with.  I forgot to take my camera, but managed to get a few pictures with my phone.

Friday ended up being the prettiest day.  The kids loved getting out on the tube and jetskis.  Meg and I enjoyed relaxing on the dock.  It'll be July before I'll get hot enough to get in the water!

Olivia is all legs right now.  We just bought her some new tennis shoes ... size 4 1/2 girls or 6 1/2 ladies (she definitely got her feet from her mama!).

Burch and McIver were supposed to play a t-ball game against each other on Saturday afternoon.  But, it was called due to rain.  We had to find something to do to entertain the kids while the dads played golf, so we had lunch and took them to Frankie's Fun Park.

First Stop:  The Rookie Track

Olivia thought it was boring because the cars didn't go fast enough.

They also did the giant slide and played enough video games to 'buy' FunDip with their winnings.  McIver, lucky dog that he is, won 250 tickets on his last game.  He dragged them through half the arcade doubled over in laughter because he 'just can't believe how many tickets I won.'  Other kids were pointing and laughing at his long string of tickets.  It really was pretty funny!

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