Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Thursday evening

We knew the cook-out and Easter egg hunt would be fun, but had no idea it would be THAT fun!  It turned out that Olivia's godfather, John, and his family were in town for the baptism of their youngest son.  John's sister, Elizabeth, was there, too, with her two daughters.  John & Elizabeth's parents are part of a group of very tight-knit friends in Myrtle Beach.  Their children were all about the same age and they all grew up spending holidays and vacations together.  They came over to join us for the Easter egg hunt.  I'm sure there are tons of pictures of them having egg hunts together when they were little, so it's fun that we were able to share the experience with all of our children.  

It was complete and total madness and SO MUCH FUN!

Here I am introducing Tex to John Henry and Roland and their sweet mom, Ashby.  I'm also trying to keep him away from their cousin Lia, who was not a fan.

Once the hunt started, most of the children, including cousin JuliAnna, were a blur.

Lia was so proud of her finds.  She was even more excited by the jellybeans inside.  We were worried she was going to just inhale them all!

John Henry found some eggs, too, but he was a little more cautious than the other children.

Like I said, the kids were a blur.  (Or maybe we can blame the blurry pictures on operator error - Will had the camera, but has not used it nearly as much as I have since Christmas.  For sure, we can blame Will that there are no pictures of our children during the hunt.  He was concentrating so hard on getting a shot of everyone else's children that he forgot about our own!)

Amelia tried to guess what was inside her egg with a few sniffs.

Baby Jenna has grown so much since the last time we saw her.  She's a sweet, sweet girl and so happy!

Now this picture-taking experience was absolutely hilarious.  We insisted that all children had to be in the picture no-matter-what, which explains John in the back holding both of his boys and the fact that Tilly (sitting on big sister, Lia's, lap) were miserable.  Olivia, on the other hand, could not have been more happy because she was trusted to hold Jenna for the picture.  That made her day!

Since we couldn't see McIver in the first shot, we moved him to the front, John silently slid out of the picture and we got most everyone else in it.  It really was just too funny - and, of course, all of the parents were back there jumping, clapping and singing to get everyone's attention.  Clearly, that did not work!

We had some hungry children on our hands after the Easter egg hunt.  McIver had gotten a little grouchy, but thought it was pretty funny that Will was dancing around behind him trying to get in the picture.

Olivia and I had so much fun playing with Jenna.  She just smiled and laughed for us.

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