Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Preparing for Camp

I've been hunting online for a footlocker/trunk for Olivia to take to camp this summer.  But, the only ones I could find seemed way too expensive - I didn't think I should be considering a trunk as an 'investment' but finally found one at KMart for a more reasonable price.  Sunday afternoon, Will took McIver to the USC v. Ole Miss baseball game and Olivia and headed out to get the trunk and some other items from the Suggested Packing List.

Afterwards,  I took her to see The Last Song (Miley's latest movie).  While we were there, she leaned over to me and asked how many days she would be at camp this summer.  I told her (11 days), she nodded and turned back to the movie.  I'm not sure if 11 days seems like too many days, not enough or just the right amount, but she hasn't said anything else about it since then.

At any rate, by the time we got home, she was excited to unload the goodies from the car and load up the trunk.  She seems most excited about the keys!  Black isn't the most exciting color (especially considering all the color options we saw online), but I told  her she can use stickers and paint pens to decorate it however she likes and let her camp friends sign it.

Olivia chose pink and blue towels and we're hoping GranGran will monogram them for her "that way they won't get confused with anybody else's towels.  You know, my name needs to be on EVerything, Mom!"

So proud of her supplies so far.

We still have a long way to go to get her ready, but she's getting really excited!  She even bought herself a journal so she can write about her time at camp during rest period.

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