Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just A Typical Saturday

Will and I left early Friday morning to spend the day at The Masters with Dawn and David.  Many thanks to Nanoo who came to greet Olivia and McIver after school and spend the night with them.  We came home in time for Olivia's soccer game on Saturday morning and then McIver's baseball game.  Nanoo managed to get a few shots of the kids on their respective fields.

Olivia has gotten pretty good on the soccer field.  She really hustles after the ball and seems to have a better understanding of where she should be on the field at any given time (she knows at least as much as I do, which I guess isn't really saying that much!).  

When she's on the sidelines, though, she loses all interest in the game.  They might as well be giving each other pedicures!

McIver at bat;
he always taps his bat on home plate, but I don't think he really knows why.

Will coaching third base with McIver - don't know which one is looking the wrong way!

What they really wanted to be doing was heading to The Canteen for snacks, but they humored Nanoo for just one more picture.

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