Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball "Research"

So, McIver came home from school last Monday after a trip to the school library.  As we know, he's a big fan of non-fiction.  So, I wasn't surprised to see that he had chosen a book about baseball - the history, the rules, and some how-to's.  We've read it every night since then, focusing on one or two skills - batting and base-running or playing the field, etc. -  and talked about good sportsmanship.

Fast forward to baseball practice yesterday.  McIver was having his turn at batting practice.  He kept swinging the bat so hard that he would do an whole 360 degree turn.  If he ever made contact with the ball, it would have been a home run - easy.  But,  he was so concerned with hitting it hard that he couldn't seem to focus on just making contact.  So, one of his coaches came over to  try to settle him down.  We fell out laughing when we heard McIver's reply:  I know, I've been doing research!

Are you kidding me!?  Later, he said something to the coach who was pitching that he needed him to throw a 'heater' so McIver could hit it really far.

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