Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

Olivia and McIver didn't wake up until 8 o'clock on Christmas morning.  Will and I had time to wake up and get ourselves together (make coffee, check email/Facebook, etc.) before the craziness began.  The children were glad to see that they each had a Nintendo DSi from Santa and stockings full of candy, underwear (doesn't Santa bring underwear to every kid!?), animal bracelets and more.

It was raining BUCKETS on Christmas morning, so we were actually glad that the children did not receive new bikes or scooters for Christmas.  Poor Tex felt stranded, though, when he tried to get over into the neighbors' yard because the puddle was so big.  We tried to convince him that he's a water dog, but it was to no avail ... he whimpered and cried until Will got him and brought him inside.

Will surprised me with a new camera!  He said now he won't grumble every time I ask him to hold the camera for me.  It's small enough to fit in my ski jacket when we go skiing next month so I won't have fuzzy  pictures this year.  This is the first picture I took with the new camera.

McIver showing off his new kicks.  (It's really doesn't do them justice if you can't see how holey and ripped up his old shoes were!)

Olivia gave McIver an animal book that she picked out all by herself.  When she saw it, she told me she knew he would love it because it was non-fiction.  McIver wins for best quote of the day when he opened the book:  Wow, Olivia;  you know I love non-fiction!  Guess she was right.

Do you think Olivia's excited for the new Uno Flash game!?  Thanks, Andrew P., we'll love playing this together.  Another fun game was from Nanoo - Frazzled.  It's a little much for McIver, but the rest of us love it.

Will's godparents had given us a set of Christmas pancake molds.  It took a few attempts, but everyone enjoyed snowman, elf and snowflake pancakes for breakfast.

Ginny, Jimmy and Mamoo joined us for a late, late lunch.  We got dinner in the oven and then opened gifts.  Mamoo received some great family pictures - she's holding up one of Amelia in this picture.

After the gift-opening hullabaloo, we sat down to a delicious dinner.  Will made his goat-cheese-pesto-stuffed pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes.  We also had Ginny's butter beans, rolls and yummy desserts left-over from Pop's office party in Macon (red velvet cake, 4-layer keylime cake and chocolate layer cake).

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