Monday, December 7, 2009

Houston the Elf

He's baaaack!  Houston the Elf found our new house without any trouble.  He showed up on December 1 and has been finding some pretty good hiding spots in our new digs.

He was pretty easy to spot the first morning - on the ceiling fan in the kitchen.

He was diving for ornaments in the den one morning (I didn't get a picture of that).  We had gotten the Christmas tree up, but it wasn't decorated yet.  While the children were at school, he flew over to the window to watch us hang the ornaments.  Remember, we're not allowed to touch Houston, but we can talk to him and tell him when someone is being nice and maybe even give him some suggestions for Christmas gifts.

One morning, he brought doughnuts for breakfast - a usual no-no for a weekday.  Looks like he got into them before the children woke up.

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