Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Macon

We had just one night at home to unpack and repack for our trip to Macon.  We weren't in too big of a rush which was nice considering all of the activity of the weekend.  Nanoo & Pop had big plans for us while we were in Macon - dinner out one night at a (tasty!) Mexican restaurant, Christmas dinner, Pop's office party and Will & me 'crashing' their supper club.  Will spent part of one day with the children while I took Grandma Janet clothes shopping.  They tried out the children's museum in Macon and were very underwhelmed.  It's hard to beat the Children's Museum of Houston and EdVenture here in Columbia.  Will also took McIver to the golf course for a quick round. McIver came home telling all kinds of stories about how well he did.

Will took advantage of his free time by building a huge fire in Pop's outside fireplace and turning on whatever sporting event he could find on ESPN.  (Truth be told, we also watched some Fox News and discussed how to fix the healthcare system; much to Olivia's dismay, we did NOT watch Nickelodean or the Disney Channel.)  We loved sitting by the pool and listening to the waterfall combined with the crackling of the fire.

Meet Pepper - This is the dog that Nanoo and Cacoo rescued from the pound about 5 years ago when Cacoo requested dog/cat food instead of gifts for her 12th birthday party.  Pepper is part Australian Shepherd and was NOT a fan of Tex.  All he wanted to do was play, but she's just a tad too skittish for such a small puppy.  She was also jealous that Tex could still fit through the cat door and go in and out at his discretion while she had to sit and wait for someone to let her in.

Had a quick visit with Grandma Myrtle on Tuesday afternoon.  She gave McIver a set of walkie talkies that have been so much fun.  He and Olivia played with them all over Nanoo & Pop's woodsy backyard.

One little elf just couldn't wait to get into those packages under Nanoo's tree.

Grandma Janet sported one of her new outfits when she joined us for Christmas dinner.

Olivia helped Nanoo set up the snow village before Pop's office came over for their party.  I had a picture of Nanoo, but she was in her PJs and would not appreciate y'all seeing that.  Olivia also helped vaccuum, sweep and get the rest of the house ready for the 60+ people who came for the party.

We stopped in Augusta for a quick visit with Ashley and Mark on our way back to Columbia on Christmas Eve.  Helen Randall was asleep so we missed seeing her.

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