Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

GranGran made a reservation for us at Croissants in Myrtle Beach to have Breakfast with Santa.  Amelia was all smiles until she realized Santa was coming.  When I tried to convince her to tell Santa that I would like new pajamas for Christmas, she told me, "When I grow up I'll be Santa Claus and I'll give you new pajamas."  In other words, you can either tell him yourself or wait until I'm a grown up because there's NO WAY I'm going to talk to that man!

Olivia and McIver didn't have any problem telling Santa what was on their Christmas list.

We almost had all the grands in the picture.  Amelia wasn't happy about being in it, but she was okay since Olivia was between her and Santa.  JuliAnna was not at all interested in getting that close to Santa.

The cookie case, however, was another story.  The cookies were too pretty to eat!

McIver FINALLY got to hold Baby Jenna (4 months old).  He loves that little baby girl!

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