Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pony & Pizza Party

Tupp's mom, Bonnie, and several of her girlfriends invite their children and grandchildren out to Bonnie's house for a Christmas party.  This was their 4th year.  Bonnie was kind enough to invite us to join them this year.  So, we left Myrtle Beach and went straight to Bonnie's house.  Tex was in dog heaven because there were so many dogs for him to play with.

The kids ate pizza and then played outside, mostly in the hammock, until it was time to get the ponies saddled up.  A set of twin brothers was there - one of them is in Olivia's class at school so it didn't take her long to find someone to play with.

McIver tried to get me to believe he was too tired to ride a pony.  He was totally faking!

It's not as easy as just putting on the saddle and taking off - first, you have to clean the pony.

I was really proud of Olivia for stepping up to get the job done.  She's going to camp this summer and I bet she chooses horseback as one of her activities now that she's been one of Bonnie's helpers.

The kids drew numbers to see who got to go first.  They were all very patient.  Olivia even got to go over the jump a few times.

McIver acted like he knew exactly what he was doing.  The kid has no fear, but he wouldn't listen to Bonnie when she tried to tell him which foot to put in the stirrup to climb up.  He almost ended up backwards on Candyman.

While the parents sat around, ate and visited, the grands took the kids upstairs to do some crafts.  That's my kind of party!

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