Friday, March 26, 2010

Updates at the Lake

I rode up to Lake Murray with Mamoo this morning to check out the new deck and paint job.  The last time we went up there, she seemed really disappointed in how things looked.  Today was a different story - she loves the new deck and liked the bright, white paint on the trim around the house.  We walked around the house and the yard and she told me stories about her time there with Papa.  

Lakehouse BEFORE new deck and paint:

Lakehouse AFTER new deck and paint:

Can't wait to get up there and enjoy this deck.  Will knew he liked the guy who built the deck when he said he likes to be sure the top rail is wide enough to rest your drink on.  

Carport BEFORE - (you've got to look over Olivia's sweet face, but it's easy to see how dark it was in there)

Carport AFTER with new white paint:

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