Thursday, February 16, 2012

Olivia's Egg Drop Vehicle

Olivia's class has been looking forward to the Egg Drop project for months now.  Each student is asked to create an "Egg Drop Vehicle" that will be dropped from the second floor of a building at school.  Of course, the goal is that the egg inside remain intact.  Olivia stewed over it and brainstormed and finally started her project.  (She knows she's better off working on these projects with her dad!)

She started with an empty container of wet wipes and put a spring in the bottom of it.  She stuffed paper towels around the spring to keep it from wiggling around the bottom of the container.

After putting the egg in the spring, she poured popcorn around the egg to absorb the force of the landing.

McIver contributed a parachute from one of his toys to the project so she attached that to a pencil at the top of the container.


Her test run out of McIver's second floor window onto the driveway.  It worked!  The egg was still in one piece without even the slightest crack.

The Egg Drop was today at 9am.  According to Olivia on the ride home from school today, her EDV was a success!

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