Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Break 2012

Winter Break started last Thursday at exactly 3:05 PM.  The children were crazy-giddy when they got in the car after school.  Yikes!  I almost pulled my hair out on the ride home.  Olivia ended up spending the night with friends on Thursday and Friday nights.  McIver had a friend spend the night on Friday night.  He was SO excited to have company and they had a ball playing inside-outside-upstairs-downstairs.

We met Olivia at her basketball game on Saturday morning.  Her team played hard, especially considering they were missing several key players, but ended up losing the game.  They had a great season and enjoyed the taste of victory a few times.

Sunday morning, we packed our bags, loaded the car and headed to pick up the Harrisons.  We headed to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte.  The kids could barely contain their excitement, especially the boys who had not been before.

Getting a picture of all four children was next to impossible... McIver was already off in the wave pool before I could this shot.

No one would stay still for the second flash!

Another one ... at the bottom of the Howling Tornado.  It was hysterical ... they really just didn't even have 45 seconds to stop for me to take a picture.

Silly boys enjoying the Kid Cabin (boy cave) in our room after dinner, but before our second trip to the water park.

I did manage to get a few more pictures with my phone (not of all four of them!), but I'll have to post those later.

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