Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vail 2012 - Day 6

McIver started the day off with a little homework.  Nothing like a little Geronimo Stilton adventure to get your day going!

After saying our good-byes to Nanoo and Pop who had to head back to Macon on Thursday, we headed for the bus stop.  

McIver let us all borrow his mustaches (a gift from his Christmas stocking) to wear on the slopes that day.  We were all very well-received by our fellow skiers!  The children actually rode a chair lift a few chairs ahead of us.  By the time we got to the lift, we had kind of forgotten that the mustaches were there.  The lifties saw us and immediately knew who we belonged to  and called us the 'mustache moms.'

We signed the children up for the Nastar race course.  They were each given a number and raced against the clock to beat their own best times.  Times and medals were announced at the end of each run.  Olivia managed a bronze medal.

McIver pumped his arm every.single.time he reached the last set of gates.  We finally convinced him to stay hunched over and save the fist pump until he had gone under the finish line.  

We crack ourselves up!

This cracks me up, too!  McIver won for keeping his mustache on the longest of all of us.  He was the least 'into' wearing it, but kept it on until lunch.  I almost fell out when we sat down to eat and he realized he was the only one still wearing it.  Look how serious he is!

David had to leave a few days early.  We hate that he missed the Nastar day because it really was super fun.  Only problem was that we only had 6 mustaches, so that would have put us in a bit of a bind!

Olivia saved her mustache and rocked it again at the bus stop.

Another obligatory photo opp in front of the mountain ranger.

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