Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vail 2012 - Day 5


We piled in the rental car (all nine of us!) to head to Copper Mountain for breakfast before going to the snow mobile tour.  We had a great breakfast at Jacks - it was cafeteria-style so everyone could get whatever they wanted, and every left happy.  We stopped by the giant red chair for some quick pictures.

More pics in front of Endo's Andrenaline Cafe where we ate the last time we went snowmobiling.

David found these hilarious sunglasses in the 'extras' bin at the house.  Olivia and Andrew had a good time being silly with them.

Mac rode on the back of Will's snow mobile.

Nanoo and I rode together.  She didn't want anything to do with driving that thing.  We had a good time ... even if she tried to be a back-seat driver, I couldn't have heard her over the engine. :) 

We stopped at a giant field so people could drive on the 'track' and go a little faster.  

This was also where the children had a chance to drive mini-snowmobiles.  We were a little disappointed that their 'track' wasn't bigger but they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Will and David

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