Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinewood Derby Car

McIver has been looking forward to the Pinewood Derby since he heard his friends talking about it last year.  He and Will had a good time talking about the car and working on it together. 

Step 1:  Design

Steps 2 & 3:  For a few of their Sunday afternoon meetings, the den met at someone's home to take advantage of a workshop full of tools for cutting and sanding.  McIver was able to do some sanding at home, too.

Steps 4 & 5:  Painting and finishing touches

The Pinewood Derby!  McIver's car, Big Dragon, is 2nd from the left.

They had results projected onto the wall in the church gym; it's hard to see, but that's McIver's name at the top for one of the (many!) heats.

Standing over the Pack Leader and waiting on results; he was actually just as concerned with helping to choose the music in between heats.

Olivia and Maggie found a comfy spot to watch the races. (They really could not have been less interested!)

1st place for one of the heats!

Showing off his winning car

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