Thursday, March 29, 2012

R&R at the Lake

I bought McIver a tub of worms so he could go fishing.  Olivia shocked me by saying she wanted to fish, too.  (The caveat was that Will was studying and I was doing stuff inside so they had to handle the whole process by themselves.)

Okay, so I stopped what I was doing long enough to take some pictures.

Olivia caught the first (two) fish!

McIver took it off the hook for her.

Then, the crazy fools decided to get out the kayaks.  The weather was warm, but I thought they had lost their minds ... that water was still freeeeezing!

They weren't the least bit concerned.



Cruising at sunset.  I do wonder what they were talking about.

Will is studying for his oral GynOnc boards ... if you've got to study, you might as well study at the lake.

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