Monday, March 26, 2012

Work Day at the Lake

Once the grands cleared out, we got to work on tearing down the wall surrounding the air conditioning unit at the lake.  We've got a plan for some landscaping and felt like putting shrubbery around the unit would hide it better than the wall.


McIver was WAY into slinging the sledgehammer and pushing the wall down.

My girl can tear down a wall.  She was so excited to help on these projects.

A ton of bricks.

Still doesn't look good, but it will!

The basement ended up being a project for Olivia and me.  She worked so hard scrubbing and rinsing the floor down there.  It was covered in red clay from the water softener overflow.  We managed to get it all cleaned up and were so proud of our effort.  Now that we have a new water softener, the floor should remain clean.
Bummer ... I forgot to take an 'after' picture.

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