Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Living Room Update

I volunteered to host a baby shower for my tennis partner (and friend) at our house about 6 weeks ago.  My motivation was not purely self-less, though.  Having a house full of people was the kick in the pants I needed to get our living room finished!  New curtains!!  

Windows facing front of house - before:

Windows surrounding fireplace - before (notice the grass in the vases on the mantle):

After with the new curtains (forgive the lack of a flash):

Better view of curtains:

My sweet friend, Jenny, helped me pick out the curtain fabric and trim.  Purchasing the trim was actually a bit of a debacle.  We always had the baby shower date as a deadline for ordering everything and having the curtains made and hung.  Anyway, things ended up working out just fine.  Jenny came over to hang the curtains one day while I was playing tennis so I came home to a (finally) finished living room.  I love the new drapes.  And, it wasn't until I looked at the 'after' pictures that I realized Jenny had fluffed the grass in the vases to make it look better.  Clearly, I'm not one for the details!

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