Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mark and Bill, my tennis partner's husband, met the Saturday of the Masters last month.  Since then, they cooked up a plan for golf at Musgrove Mill in Clinton, SC.  So, everyone came to the lake to play and spend Saturday night together before they went to play golf Sunday morning.  So, my worlds collided and it was wonderful ... Ashley, the YaYa, met Kim and Katherine, tennis and school friends.  The kids all has a ball swimming, tubing and playing the (new) Xbox together.

The freezing cold water didn't stop the children from getting into the lake on Saturday.  Even though it was 90 degrees sitting on the dock, I was cooled off just fine sticking my feet in the water.

Olivia took Ellie for a spin in the kayak.

Will decided we'd get more use out of the can crusher on the dock than we have in our extra-fridge room at home.  

Whoa Nellie!  I took Helen Randall for kayak cruise but don't know how we managed not to tip over.  That is one funny (and wiggly) kid!

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