Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ribbon-Cutting for Rock n Roll City

McIver's class spent the last month or so of school learning all about what it takes to build a city.  They named their city Rock n Roll City and held elections, created laws, built homes and factories and more. Last Friday was the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  McIver was so proud to show off all of their hard work.

Welcome to Rock-n-Roll City  ... here are our laws.  (Each student was given a certain number of beans which were turned in if a law was violated.  Laws included:  leaving someone out, interrupting, etc.)

McIver built a factory that makes electronics - TVs, DSs, books and iPods.  He also came up with a list of services he could provide - walking dog, teacher, taking trash to the street and maad (maid) services.

Pointing out his factory.

Also, check out the cool guitar t-shirt the teachers made for them.

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