Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sibling Bickering

So, I read on some blog in the last few days that there are mamas out there who have come up with some clever consequences for sibling arguing.  I had patted myself on the back and thought to myself (I knew better than to say it out loud!) that Olivia and McIver had had a pretty good run lately of not getting on each other's nerves.  That came to a screeching halt yesterday when Olivia decided it would be funny to turn off the television in the middle of a Wii game that McIver and our neighbor were playing.  Which led to ... wrestling, slapping and hitting (or so I was told my the three other children present).

Both children had some alone-time and had to write down, and later tell, five nice things about the other child.  There are as follows:

Olivia to McIver:  Good at reading, good at soccer, good at Plants vs. Zombies, good at Club Penguin and good at school.

McIver to Olivia:  Good at math, good at Xbox, good at basketball, good at reading, good at making friends.

Next time I think I'll make them sit on the couch and hold hands for 5 minutes.

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