Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Checking in with Mac at Camp

One of McIver's camp counselors left us a message yesterday.  He said that McIver has buddied up with a little boy named Tommy and that they have become the leaders in their cabin.  McIver has signed up for archery, riflery and survival skills.

There is a Camp Arrowhead tradition where campers and staffers are separated into tribes for a bit of a friendly rivalry/competition during the camp session.  McIver was inducted into the "Boots" tribe (short for Bootashataloos).  Each tribe elects a chief, medicine man and dog soldiers (I'm guessing that's just everyone else).

So, bottom line, McIver has settled into camp well.  I've seen several pictures on the camp website and am confident that he is having a blast and not missing us at all...

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