Sunday, June 17, 2012

McIver's Camp Drop-Off

I woke McIver up at 6:30 yesterday morning so that we could hit the road to Camp Arrowhead by 7am.  He wanted to be there as early as possible.    As we drove down the long dirt road leading us into the camp, there were signs commemorating Arrowhead's 75th Anniversary.  Each sign listed different years in Arrowhead's history and what was going on in the United States and the world ... gas prices, world population, Elvis buying Graceland, first publication of Rolling Stone magazine and more.  McIver was most interested in watching the price of gas rise from $.10 per gallon to $3.92 on the most recent sign.

Mac spotted TenFoot watching over the road.

After we got all checked in, the counselors led us over to Mac's cabin.  There are five sets of bunkbeds, so if all of the beds are full, there will be eight campers and two counselors.  Campers on this side of the cabin all share a bathroom which is attached to the room.  I can't imagine what that cabin/bathroom will look like once everyone is all settled in.  McIver was excited to be there early enough to claim a top bunk.  He found a couple of nails/hooks above his bed and hanged his backpack filled with rest period activities inside.

McIver humored me with one (quick!) picture with his counselors before I left.  He couldn't wait for me to leave.  His counselors were super nice and kept asking me if I had any questions.  I just hope McIver has as much fun as he thinks he's going to!