Saturday, June 9, 2012


    I love my owners!!  They all love to take and give care for me.  Oh, and by the way, my name is Tex, and my owner's last name is Merritt.  One of my favorite things that my people do for me is throw the BALL!!!  They throw the ball for me at the golf course, our house, our neighbor's house, and my favorite place in the world, the lake.
     When I go to the lake, I always have a fun time, especially when my best friend, Skittles, comes.  Except he swims like a cat.  When he comes in the water, he likes to suntan on a raft.
     Also, at night, all my owners and I will take a boat ride over to some restaurant.  I don't really remember the name of it, but it usually has some dogs like me there that I get to meet.  One thing that I do on the boat is stick my head out the front of the boat, til I smell all the delicious foods.  One thing that they don't let me do there is swim; because there are some ducks there, and they won't let me get in the water since they think that I might chase them.  I probably will, it's usually fine because then I will get some cheese sticks if I don't bark, so I don't.  I just love going back to the house from the restaurant because my ears flap and whip against the wind.  Also my favorite owner, Olivia, tells me that I look like a Chihuahua when my ears do that, she says I still look cute (but I know that anyway).
     As we get back, my owner opens the door after the boat is parked at the dock.  Then they let me out because they know that I have to go to the bathroom.  When I get back, I eat, then I go to bed.  But, I have to hog the bed because I get claustrophobic.

(Olivia wrote this for Creations, A Treasury of Lower School Art and Writings, 2011-2012)

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