Saturday, June 9, 2012

Create A Country & Baccalaureate

Last Tuesday was Olivia's Create A Country exhibition day.  At our school, at the end of each division (kindergarten, 4th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade) students are asked to participate in an 'exhibition of mastery.'  For kindergarten, it was the Habitat Day.  For 4th grade, it is Create A Country.  Not sure about 8th grade.  Graduating seniors work on their Senior Exhibitions all year long.  

Anyway, Olivia and her classmates each created their own country... everything from the name and how it was founded to what they wear, their government, economy, weather, natural resources and more.  It really is quite impressive and gives the children and chance to learn so much about the world.

Here is Olivia showing off her hard work ... a topographical map of her country, Clerides, her 15 pages of information about Clerides, a diorama of her country's bird, the Blue Clarke, and a model of the president's home.

Each student also created a Power Point presentation of their country.

 Tuesday night was the Baccalaureate ceremony for the 4th grade.  They don't really 'graduate' because they are still going to attend the same school next year, but this is a way to celebrate their accomplishments and the fact that they are moving from Lower School to Intermediate/Middle School.  Here is Olivia with some of her classmates before the service in the chapel.

The altar in the chapel.

Olivia taking communion with her classmates ... a fitting way to end her time in Lower School.

After a reception and lots of pictures in the new dining hall, our family celebrated with dinner at Forest Lake.

Olivia & Ford

 Olivia & Maggie

Olivia & Emma Lea

Olivia with Mary Fleming and Margaret

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