Friday, April 18, 2008

Caterpillar Watch 2008 - update #2

We are immersed in caterpillars this spring! The butterfly bush in my classroom at school yielded more than 11 caterpillars this week. Clearly, there were eggs on the bush that we were unaware of. Since the leaves were pretty much consumed, McIver and I brought home as many caterpillars as we could find. He counted 11!

As soon as we got home, McIver ran to the backyard and put them on our butterfly bushes. The big, big one was so excited. He had not moved around much during his time in the cup, but he immediately started crawling all around and inspecting and tasting the new, fresh leaves.
We had quite the storm early this morning. When we got home from taking O to school this morning, Mac ran to the bushes to check on the caterpillars. We didn't see the big one, so we're hoping he filled up his tummy and crawled away to spin his chrysalis.

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