Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Palmer Family Retreat - Miscellaneous

Two Olivias had a great time dancing and singing at the Camp Dance Saturday night.

McIver found these duck feet and had a blast waddling around the camp.
McIver sat with Will during the camp meeting. The hardest rule to follow was keeping shoes on his feet!
McIver is a monkey - Mary was concerned that I was not right underneath McIver holding him up as he shimmied up the pole. Rest assured, once he made it to the top and touched the beam, he slid right back down without incident.
There was just the right amount of scheduled 'program' time during the retreat. We were able to see "Godly Play" in action. The children sat in a group and listened to a Bible story, then had a chance to 'respond' through crafts - playdough, paint/markers/crayons, popsicle sticks, fabric, etc. McIver's first response was to make a picture frame for me. Not exactly what they were looking for in response to the story of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, but I love it.

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Kelsey Smith said...

Sounds like a great retreat!