Monday, April 7, 2008

Palmer Family Retreat - Fishing

We spent Saturday morning fishing at the lake. The kids were way more patient than we thought they would be. We were given small cans of 'sweet niblets' to use as bait. Who knew!?

Elizabeth, Abby, Olivia and McIver waited patiently for Will to get their rods ready.

McIver and Sam waiting to fish.
McIver dropped his line in the water and waited...
...and he was the first one to catch a fish. He was holding the rod all by himself and started laughing and screaming "I caught one, I caught one!" He was so excited he almost dropped the rod to run up to the shore to tell Will about it. It's not the best picture of the fish - it actually was a pretty good size. After Will took it off the hook, he let all the kids touch it before tossing it back into the lake.
Olivia did not have much luck, but she enjoyed having Will all to herself for a little while. They started out on the dock with the rest of us, then moved over to fish from the shore. We could watch the fish eating the bait right off the hooks, but it was still a fun time!

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