Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Palmer Family Retreat - Canoeing

Strangely enough, McIver had mixed feelings about being Will's first mate in the canoe. He seemed to be having a good time as Olivia and I walked toward the lake, but he became quite uneasy when the time came to get in or out of the canoe. He was much more interested in 'helping' the counselor who helped us. He was in and out of the canoe 'hut' helping hang life jackets and put away paddles. Since I was in the canoe, I'm not sure just how helpful (or not) he really was.

Olivia and I enjoyed being out on the water together. (We had just come from a not-so-succcessful attempt at horseback riding. She made it up onto the horse, but the horse took a few steps before she was ready so she panicked and wanted to get down.) Anywho, we both had time to recover on the walk to the lake. She didn't want to help paddle at first, but then ended up being pretty good at it.
McIver appears to be having a much better time in this picture.

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