Thursday, April 10, 2008

Caterpillar Watch 2008 - update

The caterpillars have been a huge hit. We check the butterfly bushes before we leave for school each day and every time we walk in the door. My Rabbit Class at school has also been watching caterpillars. The largest of the 3 had escaped the protective netting (to keep curious 3 year old fingers away from the bush) and we could see the beginning of a chrysalis. We worried about leaving the butterfly bush at school over the weekend (we're only at school Tue-Thur) so I brought it home today. We checked it again when we got home with Olivia at 3:15 and the caterpillar still had just a touch of white one end (it's hard to know if it's the head or tail). But when the kids were playing outside after dinner, they checked again and look what they found...

a chrysalis! (the teeny, tiny green spot you might be able to see to the right of Olivia, just above her eyebrow level, if you squint your eyes)

Then we had to run to our butterfly bushes to see if we could find 'our' caterpillars. We saw another teeny-tiny one. And, as a bonus, each child also caught (as if they would put up a fight!) a snail. We began the 2-day rule at our house - you may keep a bug, or other critter that fits in the bug jar, for up to 2 days, then it must be returned to nature. Here is McIver checking out O's snail - I can't believe she was letting it crawl on her. She must not be my child!

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