Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Food

We haven't thought a lot about New Years Resolutions for 2009. Something tells me we're going to be plenty busy without trying to follow self-imposed rules. But, one thing we did decide to do is to follow through on our family rule that the children should try one bite of each food on their plates. And, there will be consequences for not doing so.

McIver went two days without television because he refused to try one single kernel of corn pudding. Olivia tasted it and ended up eating 2 servings, but that would not sway McIver.

Today, I found a dog-eared page of a 'kid-friendly' recipe for Confetti Veggie Pancakes in an old Rachel Ray magazine. So, I gave it a try. McIver ate two as a snack and a 3rd with dinner. He gives it a thumbs up!

And, oh my stars, it has ZUCCHINI in it. I didn't dare tell him what was in it until after he told me he liked it and began scarfing down the second one. When I told him all of the veggies in it, he told me "of course I'll like it, I love zucchini."

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