Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Day with the Stricklin kids

The Stricklins are busy packing up for another Hurricane Ike-induced move - this time from the rental house to a hotel until the renovations and repairs are complete on their home. So, Abby & Sam joined us for the day on Tuesday. We started off with lunch, then went to Flippin Out, the bounce place in Pearland. Then we headed home to play and relax.

Olivia - all decked out with her new sunglasses and my pocketbook and iPhone.
Abby & Olivia at lunch

Abby & Olivia on one of the blow-up slides.
The boys were too busy running from one end to the other, or bouncing up and down, to stop for a picture. So, you'll just have to imagine two loud little blong haired boys running at full-speed for 2 hours.

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