Monday, January 26, 2009

Palmer ECW Oyster Roast

We hosted the 3rd Palmer ECW Oyster Roast at our house last Saturday night. The Oyster Roast is a sociable at the Christmas Luncheon & Auction in December and we had about 40 guests join us. It costs $30 per person to attend so we raised $1200 for the ECW who will then give it to various ministries within the church. We had roasted, raw, deep fried and champagne oysters and Beaufort Stew. Each host couple also brings an appetizer and dessert, so there's plenty of food for everyone.

The Hosts:
Gay & Don Stricklin, Will and Nikki, Mindy & Mark Notley, Stacey & Scott Butler
(Not pictured: Wendy Wight & Jim Meyn, Julie & Darrin Schlegel)

Olivia was under the weather all day on Saturday so she spent the evening in our bed watching movies. McIver had the DVD player in his room and stayed holed up in there for the most part. He did make a few appearances early in the evening and then much later in the evening (in every costume in his dress-up bucket!).

The best part of the night, by far, for McIver was that Father Sam was at our house and came in to say hello before he left! McIver showed Father Sam every lovie on his bed and gave him a huge hug - before he turned back to his movie.

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