Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day - 2008

Christmas morning was wonderful! Olivia woke us up at about 7:30 and gave us time to really wake up and get ready before she woke McIver up. She only peeked into the living room enough to confirm that Santa had come. We had gotten home so late that we were worried McIver would be a bear to wake up. But, he proved us wrong.

The kids ran into the living room to see what Santa had brought. The sofa was covered with full stockings and a few wrapped gifts from Santa. A few highlights: Hannah Montana slippers for Olivia and SpiderMan slippers for McIver; a huge children's encyclopedia which has been a huge hit so far; the movie Shaggy Dog; a Backyardigans Leapster game and a few things for our ski trip.

Since Will and I share a stocking, he went first and found the usual - socks. Then he tossed the stocking to me for my turn to dig to the bottom. Inside I found a picture of an iPhone. Will told me that it was mine, but that the store had run out and I'd have to wait until the New Year to pick it up. I was a little disappointed, but glad to know that an iPhone was at least in my future. Then, I got up to start the gift-opening. As I neared the tree, I heard a noise that I thought was some gift under the tree for one of the kids. Then I realized that it was my phone ringing! Will had hidden it in the tree so it was there after all - I just had to find it.
I took a picture of Will with the iPhone while he took a picture of me with the regular camera.

I had been worried that the children would be disappointed this Christmas because they weren't receiving anything from us to open. We are going to Vail to meet Dawn, David and Andrew for Spring Break and that is our gift to them this year. But, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles and friends TOTALLY came through. The kids had a ball opening all of their gifts. Olivia was adament that we watch each other open every single gift. So we really were able to enjoy each other's reactions to the gifts that we received. It was so much fun!

Santa thought McIver needed to learn a lesson about watching Too Much TV!

After the excitement had settled and the mess had been cleared a little bit, Olivia and I went straight to the recycle center to empty our recycle bins. She was excited to have a chance to play with the iPhone and took this picture of herself.

After a very relaxing afternoon, we headed down to spend Christmas night with the Stricklins. I really can't think of a place I would rather have been. Will made his delicious crabcakes and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner of beef tenderloin and asparagus. It took a while to get the kids settled down, but once they were asleep, we played a hilarious game of Scattergories.

Christmas 2008 was special in so many ways - even though we weren't with family for Christmas, we were surrounded by dear friends who we cherish!

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