Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party with Santa

After a rush-job of decorating the Christmas tree and hanging lights on the house, we made it to our afternoon event just in time to see Santa arrive in a convertible. Olivia and McIver thought that was WAY cool! Our friends, the DuMays, have invited us to their annual Christmas party since our first year here and we always have a great time. (We missed last year, though, because of Will's appendectomy - so glad we're not dealing with that again this year!)

They had a backyard full of kids having a great time! The temps were just cool enough to require a sweater - it actually feels like Christmas in Texas. I wonder if it will actually be this cool once the 25th finally rolls around. Anyway, the kids had a ball roasting marshmallows to make s'mores.

McIver prefers his marshmallows burned.

Olivia is much more patient and just turns and turns her marshmallow until it is golden brown.
McIver popped right into Santa's lap and gave his beard a big tug. It was the real deal!

Olivia told Santa that we are taking good care of Houston the Elf. Santa said he had heard good reports so far and asked us to leave some cookies out on Christmas Eve.

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