Sunday, December 21, 2008

They're Here! They're Here!

I did it! I kept the secret that Nanoo, Cacoo and Pop were coming for a Christmas visit. They left Macon after Catherine's last exam on Friday and drive halfway (somewhere near Biloxi - no casino visit, though). I was glad that Olivia had a birthday party to keep her (and me) busy all morning. We got home from the party and only had to wait about 15 minutes before they drove up.

The kids were in the backyard getting ready to rake leaves with Will when I heard a knock at the door. Olivia ran and peeked through the mail slot, then slammed it shut and ran to tell McIver who was here, instead of opening the door to let them in - it felt like a scene from a movie! McIver was already rounding the side of the house so big hugs were given all around.

This picture makes me smile - Olivia just couldn't believe that they were really here!

Big, big hugs for Pop.

McIver was his usual, talkative self. He kept running up to hug Pop and then dragged him all over the house to show him every single new thing that has been acquired since Pop's last visit.

They brought a car-load of goodies from under their tree at home. Now we can barely walk between our tree and the chair. The kids don't know it, but we're planning to open gifts tonight.
We visited for a while at our house and then loaded up the kids and their bathing suits to head to the hotel. It took no time for them to take advantage of the indoor pool. They swam hard for about 45 minutes, then took extra long showers.
We enjoyed the happy hour at the hotel and then went to Bucca di Beppo for dinner. I wish I had pictures, but I think I left my camera in Olivia's bag in the hotel room. Anyway, it's a great, kid-friendly Italian restaurant. We all shared a delicious dinner and then drove around RiverOaks looking at the beautiful Christmas lights.
After a bit of negotiating, it was determined that Olivia and McIver would sleep at the hotel with Nanoo and Pop and Cacoo would come home with us. Haven't heard from them this morning, Cacoo's still asleep so it's hard to say who got the better deal (other than me and Will, of course!). The kids were looking forward to more swimming and the order-whatever-you-want breakfast at the hotel this morning.

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