Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nanoo and Pop's Visit - Monday

Pop, Olivia and McIver had their own adventure on Monday while Nanoo, Cacoo and I enjoyed some child-free shopping at the Galleria. He took them to The Mad Potter to paint some pottery, then across the street to ChicFilA for lunch. The original plan had been to come back to our house for a while to play and pick up their BuildABear animals and then go to B-A-B at the Galleria later in the afternoon to get some new clothes. Turns out they just wanted to swim some more.

Mama, Catherine and I had a great time shopping. This trip was mostly to find some 'going out' clothes for Catherine, but I ended up with a few new treats as well. We stopped for a quick lunch at Zucchini's and snapped a photo.

After a busy day of shopping, painting and swimming, we took advantage of the hotel happy hour and then went to Ruggles Cafe for dinner. The kids both loved their dinners and were ready for dessert. McIver had been spying the red velvet cake all during the meal and, much to my surprise, ended up loving it.

Cacoo and Olivia

Olivia wasn't interested in decorating a cookie, but she used the icing to dress up her ice cream.

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