Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nanoo and Pop's Visit - Opening Gifts

Olivia and McIver had a hard time waiting to open gifts. We finally decided to feed them supper and then open gifts before the rest of us ate. There were a few gifts that really caught their eye, but were meant to be opened last.

There was much discussion and negotiating over when they would get to open these presents, but Nanoo insisted that these be saved for last.McIver's tool set was a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS HIT. It includes the hat, gloves, tool belt, mini hammer, philips-head screwdriver that can also be a flat-head (which McIver pointed out to Will last night!), some pencils, a tape measure and even rainbow suspenders. As soon as he opened it, McIver ran around the living room thanking everyone and giving hugs. Now, I'll just have to be on my toes to be sure he only hammers things that are appropriate for him to be hammering!

Grandma Janet sent Olivia a Barbie kitchen, complete with a new Barbie. I heard her in her room this morning introducing the new Barbie to Hannah Montana and the other Barbies. Her rug is covered with Barbie gear, furniture and the Barbie convertible.

McIver also received his very own pair of scrubs with "Dr. Merritt" on the pocket. Even though he still wants to be either a construction worker or a super-spy when he grows up, he can be dressed like his dad and both granddads. He's very proud of himself and was totally distressed when he got syrup on his scrubs this morning at breakfast.

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