Friday, December 19, 2008

Houston the Elf - Report

It's time for another report on Houston the Elf's antics. Olivia and McIver are still eager to get up in the morning to see if they can find him.

It took a while to find him hiding in the flowers.
McIver spotted him flying on the fan as soon as he walked into the living room.

The morning after our Cookie Decorating Party, Houston left the following note:

Dear Olivia and McIver –

Your Cookie Decorating Party was so much fun. Santa LOVES cookies and wanted me to remind you to leave some for him on Christmas Eve. The North Pole was really, really, really cold last night so I had to find somewhere warm to hide today.

Your Elf,


After looking in the dryer, under the covers, and in the microwave, we found Houston in the oven.
McIver still looks like a sleepy-head.

Houston spent two days on this perch in McIver's room. We don't know if he flew to the North Pole to report to Santa or not. We wondered if maybe he felt like he needed to keep a closer eye on McIver before submitting his report.

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Meghan said...

This is hilarious. I love it. I wish Jeddie and Cokey had an Elf. Maybe one will fly in for next year!