Sunday, December 21, 2008

Houston the Elf - Report

Houston left another note the other night. This has been a crazy week with Christmas programs, parties, choir and other obligations so it took us a while to get to it. The note says:

Dear Olivia and McIver:
If you're willing to toil,
fill a cup half with soil.
Put into the cup one peppermint.
Cover it so you can’t smell the scent.

Shake on some sprinkles green.
Top it with snow so they can’t be seen.

Cover the pots with a blanket of snow
And tomorrow see what you did grow.
Your Elf,

Filling the cup half with soil.
And covering up the peppermint so they can't smell the scent.
Covering with sprinkles green.

Covering with plenty of snow.

And waiting to see what will grow.
Drumroll, please ..............................................
McIver was most impressed that the candy canes grew with wrappers on so they wouldn't be yucky to eat even though they took the wrapper of their peppermints to plant them. Smart kid. Olivia said that Houston probably just brought the candy canes back from Santa's workshop and stuck them in the cups.

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