Sunday, December 7, 2008

Houston the Elf - Report

Houston the Elf is working some serious magic for Olivia and McIver! Olivia has started taking on some extra chores around the house without being asked. She has been super-sweet with McIver, even inviting him to sleep in her room for the last week or so. McIver hasn't exactly been eager to do anything 'extra' but is always sure to run tell Houston when he has done what I asked him to the first time I ask. They are both still jumping out of bed (McIver a bit slower than Olivia, but that's to be expected!) pretty quickly to see if they can find him. He's had some pretty good spots so far...

Hiding in Olivia's room on her 'parrot swing.'

He was hard to spot this morning nestled into the Christmas tree just above Dale Earnhardt.

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