Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monkey Class Christmas Party

Last week was crazy-busy! As Room Mom for both Olivia and McIver's classes, I had a big part in planning their 'Winter' and Christmas parties. And, I was asked to sub for a sick teacher at McIver's school for three days, which was great and I was happy to do, except that big chunks of time were then used up when I had planned to get organized without children around. Anyway, the parties both turned out great. Here are a few pictures from McIver's Monkey Class Party on Thursday.

McIver sat with a table full of rowdy boys - imagine that!

Decorating yet another cookie.
Playing musical snowflakes.
Putting candy canes in each of his friends' Monkey bags. He was very thoughtful about who got which candy cane since they were all different.
Bubble cups are super fun! They are small plastic cups with a hole punched in the side and a straw poked through. A paper towel is attached to the top with a rubberband and then dipped in dishwashing liquid. When the kids blow, bubbles pop up through the paper towel.

And, they grow, and they grow...

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