Thursday, December 11, 2008

McIver's Christmas Program at school

The Christmas Program at McIver's school was wonderful this year. The children all did a great job singing and in each group there was one really funny kid that seemed to cause a chuckle, if not a full-on belly-laugh, from the audience.

Here's McIver blowing kisses to his adoring fans during the Processional. That sweet little girl in front of him is Bella. She was in my class last year and is precious. McIver told me the other day that Bella is his girlfriend and that he would give her a big hug if they were ever under mistletoe together.

Turns out that McIver stood next to Bella when the Monkey Class sang. He didn't sing a whole lot, mostly spent time blowing kisses and shaking his head back and forth. But at the end of one song, he decided it was time to kiss Bella - right there on the top step in the church for 150 families to see. Bella did a great job dodging him!
We met McIver back in his classroom. I just had to take a picture of this. The prompt from the teacher was: Tell something kind someone has done for you.
McIver's response: I was at a train station and I flipped over and somebody helped me and got my backpack, too. He was like a secret agent.
Never happened, of course. The kid loves using his imagination!

Quick family picture - believe it or not, this was the best of three. McIver insisted on making a silly face...

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