Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Olivia this morning...

I told the kids this morning that we probably won't stay for pizza tonight at church if it's raining. (We usually stay and play on the playground between choir and the pizza delivery on Wednesdays.) Then I wondered out loud if our new church in Columbia will have children's choir, a playground, etc.

Olivia turned to me and said: Usually, it's kind of easy to make friends if you're really nice.

She has been telling people all about our new house and her new room. She has even talked about how 'cool' her new school is going to be because it has a ropes course and microphones in the classrooms for kids to give their reports. We have also gotten the scoop about the kids in the neighborhood. Both Olivia and McIver are thrilled that a set of 6 year old boy-girl twins live right next door!

I know that we'll have our moments where we aren't all so excited about the move, but I'm glad to know that she's processing the whole thing and is generally positive about the move, for now.

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Monica said...

All of you will make friends...easy. Your house is adorable. I pray that your new church family fits like a glove!