Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break 2009 - Part 4

"Peggy Pa" and Dawn's dad offered to keep the kids at home for us one night so we could hit the town. We really could have gone either way as far as whether or not to go out, but we decided we needed to take advantage of the chance to head out on our own for a little while.

Before we left, Peggy Pa had a little sit-down with all of the children to let them know her expectations for the night. They had several activities planned (art/face-painting, hot tub, dinner, cookies, movie, reading) and if each was performed without incident (she was mainly speaking to the boys!), they would earn a star and possibly some sort of prize the next day. Here she is laying down Peggy Pa's Law.

Andrew showing off his scary painted face.

McIver growling for the camera.

Olivia being her sweet self.
While the kids were busy with Peggy Pa, we headed to the Taj Mahal concert which was held on the slopes after some sort of 'legend ski competition.' He was driven up to the stage in some sort of stretch ski mobile limo which we thought was pretty funny. This was the best shot I could get - I wasn't even sure which one he was. (This was also taken before they told us not to take pictures; so, let's just say I followed the rules.) We had actually heard of Taj Mahal, but since it was cold and crowded and we were hungry, and the bar ran out of beer, we left early to find some dinner.

Dawn had told us about a place with great nachos so that's where we headed. Look how cute they are!

And, they took a picture of us, too. I took a picture of our table full of food, but it's not at all appealing after the fact. Trust me, though, the nachos at this place were great!

And when we got home, the children were nestled all snug in their beds and everyone had earned their stars! (Olivia's were written in after the picture was taken.)

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